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Te Kaupapa

Wayfinders go beyond what is known and through Pūhoro we are on a journey of discovery towards new horizons. Within the rich narrative of wayfinding we learn that knowledge is considered a verb through learning by doing. As navigators upon Te Waka o Pūhoro our tauira live within a modern context. The journey of our rangatahi has shifted from ancient exploration of the seas, to navigation towards understanding the sciences and the technological advances of the future.

Pūhoro continues to open vistas of the science, technology and innovation landscape to our rangatahi that have never been seen or contemplated before.  We are developing rangatahi to be active participants in the STEM economy of tomorrow. We are working to develop a community of future Māori technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators and thought-pioneers. These leaders will excel in high value careers and be the producers and developers of cutting-edge future innovation as our kaumātua envisioned. These rangatahi are, and will become self-determined empowered leaders, who can bridge both worlds simultaneously.

Launched in 2016, Pūhoro was developed in response to national low engagement of Māori in STEM-related career pathways that subsequently leads to lower numbers of Māori representation in science and technology industries in Aotearoa.  Pūhoro seeks to change this space and recognises that a STEM workforce is required for an innovation-focused future society.  This is our story.



To advance Māori leadership and capability to deliver a world class science community



To be the Centre of Excellence for Māori STEM achievement and development in Aotearoa

Our challenge

How Māori participate in a high value STEM economy of the future is our challenge

Despite being a first world country, our education system is like a leaky pipeline that bleeds Māori potential at an alarming and unsustainable rate. Many young Māori are failing within the system to achieve or attain sustainable qualifications, limiting their future options, income and opportunities. This creates both social and economic harms for Māori to be active participants within our wider society.

What's in store

Our future

By 2030, Māori will make up over 30% of the national workforce population

By 2050, Māori (Pasifika and Asian) will make up over 50% of the population

By 2030, up to 14% (75-375 million) of jobs will be disrupted due to technological advancement, automation and artificial intelligence

Māori are a younger and faster-growing sector of the population, so how we participate in a high value economy is critical to our future growth. The labour market is constantly evolving, and many of the major drivers of transformation currently affecting global technological advances are expected to significantly impact jobs, particularly low-skilled labour.

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