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Programme Features

April 17, 2019

Everyday the Pūhoro team are learning new things and the programme features improve.

Everyday the Pūhoro team are learning new things and the programme features improve. Learnings from the last couple of years have shown that the ‘magic formula’ that helps Pūhoro in achieving its objectives are:

It's personal, long term and all the time

Pūhoro is long-term for students and there is a high frequency of interaction between staff and students. This builds strong relationships but also shows the programmes commitment to the students. Schools have Memorandum of Understanding with Pūhoro and this has encouraged relationships between the Kaihautū and school staff to flourish. The frequency of facetime with schools, helps to reinforce these connections. They are now becoming one big information sharing network.

It's about more than learning science

Pūhoro works hard to ensure the students are learning more than what they need to pass their external achievement standards - but also has a focus on teaching those 21st Century Skills - those all too commonly known employability skills that aren’t tied to subjects but are about broader skill sets - time management, critical thinking, communication, confidence etc.

Living Maori

The programme is guided by a strong ethos. A kaupapa that ensures the protection and valuing of Māori identity and knowledge. It is an integral element of teaching and learning and demonstrates to all involved that being Māori is an asset, and helps ensure students understand the value of their own identity.

Working hard but making it fun

There is a real understanding that science is fun + hard work. These two concepts come through in the best way creating an innovative learning programme for the students that they thrive in. Applied learning, with on campus enviroments, with a dash of role modelling and field experts creates a dynamic mix that works well - so well the students don’t want to leave!

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